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Our civil engineering services include design calculations, surveying, CAD drawing and 3D modeling, steel structural design, project cost estimates. Furthermore, our electrical engineering covers diversified electrical designs and studies for residential or commercial offices as well as industrial systems, such as transmission and distribution, power flow modeling, process control systems, and instrumentation. We are experienced in construction projects from residential to commercial and industrial buildings, such as workshops, warehouses and factory buildings. Get latest update at: Facebook.com/XangLaoConstruction


Our experienced team and network of architects can work with you to design modern or Lao-style buildings or mixed, and creative and unique interior designing. Our services also include final design check, material selection, preliminary & detailed cost estimates, and building extension & renovation consulting. We design homes & spaces that fit client’s needs. Get latest update at Facebook.com/XangLaoInteriorDesign


We have collective engineering expertise and experience in various industries, mainly construction, mining and energy sectors. We have experience working with international consultants and providing assistance in coordination with Government organizations and state enterprises. We also provide project consulting, including planning, resourcing, and commissioning as well as services in organizing technical workshops in Laos. Get latest update at Facebook.com/XangLao

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Our vision is to build the next generation’s Lao engineering firm that provides hi-tech services in diversified engineering disciplines